Primary distribution among the population.

How to get M.E.N.A

To get your M.E.N.A bitcoins, you don't need any documents. No personal data will be requested at any stage of the process. Simply install the application and follow the instructions.

Install the APP

Distribution principles

A total of 21 million M.E.N.A bitcoins can exist. 87% of them, i.e. 18,347,513 M.E.N.A bitcoins, are distributed free of charge, among the population of the M.E.N.A Bitcoin territory.

Thirty countries

Broader Middle East and North Africa. UAE, CAS, Iran, Turkey, Egypt under one umbrella.

850 million people

Every resident of the territory has the right to receive M.E.N.A bitcoins.

Advantage to the first

At primary distribution, the algorithm gives up to 1 bitcoin per person.

Up to 1 M.E.N.A BTC
to each person
of the entire issuance to be distributed
The territory of M.E.N.A Bitcoin

List of countries

You are entitled to receive M.E.N.A BTC during the initial distribution if you reside in one of the following countries:

United Arab Emirates

9 890 000 people.


38 930 000 people.


1 700 000 people.


1 207 000 people.


988 002 people.


2 382 000 people.


102 300 000 people.

Western Sahara

300 people.


9 217 000 people.


40 220 000 people.


83 990 000 people.


10 200 000 people.


4 271 000 people.


6 825 000 people.


6 871 000 people.


36 910 000 people.


4 650 000 people.


5 107 000 people.


220 900 000 people.


4 800 000 people.


2 881 000 people.

Saudi Arabia

34 810 000 people.


43 850 000 people.


15 890 000 people.


17 500 000 people.


9 538 000 people.


6 031 000 people.


11 820 000 people.


84 340 000 people.


29 830 000 people.
M.E.N.A Bitcoin

Rewards formula

Accrual and verification of accrual singularity (physical CAPTCHA function) are performed by a special application.

To receive your M.E.N.A bitcoins, you don't have to be a citizen or have a residency permit in the aforementioned countries.

It is enough to simply live on the corresponding territory and not try to claim more than one share of M.E.N.A bitcoins that is due to each person.

When you are near another user of the application (within a distance of up to 10 meters for a few seconds), two smartphones interact with each other. Each new such case (with a device that has never interacted with yours before) gives you one unique proxxing (just like the person you exchange this "digital handshake" with).You don't need to communicate, your phones will do everything for you.

Proxxings physically confirm that you live in the territory of M.E.N.A Bitcoin, and you will be credited with M.E.N.A bitcoins. Attention! The procedure must be completed using one smartphone (you cannot change the device during the process, but you can change the SIM card). If the smartphone is lost or broken, start the whole process again on a new device.

Accrual is calculated according to the following formula:

reward(N) = 0.05 M.E.N.A BTC * 0.95^N; N∈[0; +∞)

where N is the natural ordinal number of the unique proxxing. For example, reward(1), that is, the reward for the second proxy (counting from zero), is equal to 0.0475RuBTC. The infinite sum converges, in a mathematical sense. In other words, the total amount of rewards tends to 1RuBTC (as N approaches positive infinity), but it will never reach it.

Only proxxings made in the territory of the specified 30 countries are counted.

Of course,

the sooner those around you find out about the M.E.N.A. bitcoins opportunity (and install the app), the sooner you will get yours.

Please notify everyone you can!